path: root/node.gyp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-14build: move optimizing link directives to node.exe targetRefael Ackermann
2019-02-13lib: move per_context.js under lib/internal/bootstrapJoyee Cheung
2019-02-11repl: add repl.setupHistory for programmatic replLance Ball
2019-02-11build: export deprecated OpenSSL symbols on WindowsRichard Lau
2019-02-08perf_hooks: implement histogram based apiJames M Snell
2019-02-08deps: update acorn to 6.0.7Michaël Zasso
2019-02-08assert: create internal/assert micro-moduleRich Trott
2019-02-08assert: refactor internal assert.jsRich Trott
2019-02-05report: use libuv calls for OS and machine infocjihrig
2019-02-02lib: save primordials during bootstrap and use it in builtinsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-01src: move public C++ APIs into src/api/*.ccJoyee Cheung
2019-02-01src: move v8_platform implementation into node_v8_platform-inl.hJoyee Cheung
2019-01-30process: split execution into main scriptsJoyee Cheung
2019-01-28dns: use IDNA 2008 to encode non-ascii hostnamesBen Noordhuis
2019-01-25src,test: fix JSON escaping in node-reportDenys Otrishko
2019-01-23build: remove AIX/ppc (32bit) dead codeRefael Ackermann
2019-01-23console: refactor inspector console extension installationJoyee Cheung
2019-01-20test: switch to native v8 coverageBenjamin Coe
2019-01-18src: merge into coreGireesh Punathil
2019-01-17policy: manifest with subresource integrity checksBradley Farias
2019-01-16process: refactor coverage setup during bootstrapJoyee Cheung
2019-01-11process: move C++ process events into node_process_events.ccJoyee Cheung
2019-01-11src: declare process-related C++ methods in node_process.hJoyee Cheung
2019-01-11src: move process object creation into node_process_object.ccJoyee Cheung
2019-01-05zlib: add brotli supportAnna Henningsen
2019-01-03lib,test: remove lib/internal/test/unicode.jsRich Trott
2019-01-02build: fix Windows shared lib buildRichard Lau
2018-12-31process: split worker IO into internal/worker/io.jsJoyee Cheung
2018-12-31process: move eval and exception bootstrap ito process/execution.jsJoyee Cheung
2018-12-28src: use consistent names for JSStreamSam Roberts
2018-12-24crypto: add key object APITobias Nießen
2018-12-24src: move process.nextTick and promise setup into node_task_queue.ccJoyee Cheung
2018-12-24src: move symbols binding into node_symbols.ccJoyee Cheung
2018-12-19process: move POSIX credential accessors into node_credentials.ccJoyee Cheung
2018-12-17process: move environment variable proxy code into node_env_var.ccJoyee Cheung
2018-12-09http: switch default parser to llhttpAnna Henningsen
2018-12-06http: make parser choice a runtime flagAnna Henningsen
2018-12-03src: move version metadata into node_metadata{.h, .cc}Joyee Cheung
2018-12-02console: move the inspector console wrapping in a separate fileJoyee Cheung
2018-12-02console: split console into global.js and constructor.jsJoyee Cheung
2018-11-30src: move C++ binding/addon related code into node_binding{.h, .cc}Joyee Cheung
2018-11-26build,src: sync src files with node.gypRefael Ackermann
2018-11-20src: use STL containers instead of v8 values for static module dataJoyee Cheung
2018-11-17src: factor out Node.js-agnostic N-APIsGabriel Schulhof
2018-11-15src: compile native modules and their code cache in C++Joyee Cheung
2018-11-10deps: introduce `llhttp`Fedor Indutny
2018-11-09build: move headers out of c++ src sectionDaniel Bevenius
2018-11-07src: cache the result of GetOptions() in JS landJoyee Cheung
2018-11-06src: move error handling code into node_errors.ccJoyee Cheung
2018-10-25build: expose more openssl categories for addonsJonathan Cardoso Machado