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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-15fs, src, lib: fix `blksize` & `blocks` on WindowsRichard Lau
2019-02-14lib: merge 'undefined' into one 'break' branchMaleDong
2019-02-14cluster: migrate round_robin_handle to internal assertRich Trott
2019-02-14assert: add internal Trott
2019-02-13http: improve performance for incoming headersWeijia Wang
2019-02-13lib: simplify 'umask'MaleDong
2019-02-13lib: fix the typo errorMaleDong
2019-02-13tls: renegotiate should take care of its own stateSam Roberts
2019-02-13process: refactor lib/internal/bootstrap/node.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13process: use primordials in bootstrap/node.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13lib: save a copy of Symbol in primordialsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13process: document the bootstrap process in node.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-13lib: move per_context.js under lib/internal/bootstrapJoyee Cheung
2019-02-12domain: avoid circular memory referencesAnna Henningsen
2019-02-12process: normalize process.execPath in CreateProcessObject()Joyee Cheung
2019-02-12worker: keep stdio after exitAnna Henningsen
2019-02-11repl: add repl.setupHistory for programmatic replLance Ball
2019-02-11http2: improve compat performanceMatteo Collina
2019-02-11http: reduce multiple output arrays into oneWeijia Wang
2019-02-10util: protect against monkeypatched Object prototype for inspect()Rich Trott
2019-02-10process: normalize process.argv before user code executionJoyee Cheung
2019-02-10process: group main thread execution preparation codeJoyee Cheung
2019-02-10fs: harden validation of start option in createWriteStreamZYSzys
2019-02-09report: rename setDiagnosticReportOptions()cjihrig
2019-02-09report: refactor report option validationcjihrig
2019-02-09fs: remove redundant callback checkZYSzys
2019-02-09fs: remove useless internalFSZYSzys
2019-02-09worker: no throw on property access/postMessage after terminationChristopher Jeffrey
2019-02-09crypto: include 'Buffer' in error output of Hash.update methodAmit Zur
2019-02-09http2: makes response.writeHead return the responseMark S. Everitt
2019-02-09http: makes response.writeHead return the responseMark S. Everitt
2019-02-08worker: use correct ctor for error serializationAnna Henningsen
2019-02-08perf_hooks: implement histogram based apiJames M Snell
2019-02-08deps: update acorn to 6.0.7Michaƫl Zasso
2019-02-08lib: remove dollar symbol for private functionMaleDong
2019-02-08lib: replace 'assert' with 'internal/assert' for many built-insRich Trott
2019-02-08assert: create internal/assert micro-moduleRich Trott
2019-02-08assert: refactor internal assert.jsRich Trott
2019-02-08lib: use `internal/options` to query `--abort-on-uncaught-exception`Joyee Cheung
2019-02-08process: move deprecation warning initialization into pre_execution.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-08lib: move signal event handling into bootstrap/node.jsJoyee Cheung
2019-02-06perf_hooks: only enable GC tracking when it's requestedJoyee Cheung
2019-02-06http: remove redundant call to socket.setTimeout()Luigi Pinca
2019-02-06tls: null not valid as a renegotiate callbackSam Roberts
2019-02-06worker: remove undocumented .onclose propertyRich Trott
2019-02-06lib: fix a few minor issues flagged by lgtmRobin Neatherway
2019-02-06child_process: close pipe ends that are re-pipedGireesh Punathil
2019-02-06repl: remove obsolete buffer clearingRuben Bridgewater
2019-02-06repl: fix eval return valueRuben Bridgewater
2019-02-06repl: simplify and improve completionRuben Bridgewater