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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-13http: improve performance for incoming headersWeijia Wang
2019-02-11http2: improve compat performanceMatteo Collina
2019-02-07benchmark: remove unreachable returnZYSzys
2019-02-06tools: apply more stringent lint rules for benchmark codeRich Trott
2019-02-06benchmark: refactor for consistent styleRich Trott
2019-02-03benchmark: use consistent coding style in assert/*Rich Trott
2019-01-31benchmark: refactor benchmark/common.jsRich Trott
2019-01-31benchmark: refactor _http-benchmarkers.jsRich Trott
2019-01-14os: improve networkInterfaces() performanceBrian White
2019-01-09doc: update benchmark docKazushi Kitaya
2019-01-09worker: remove `--experimental-worker` flagAnna Henningsen
2019-01-05benchmark,test: add brotliAnna Henningsen
2018-12-29benchmark: fix net-wrap-js-stream-passthroughRich Trott
2018-12-17doc,lib,test: capitalize comment sentencesRuben Bridgewater
2018-12-10tools: capitalize sentencesRuben Bridgewater
2018-11-20benchmark: support URL inputs in create-clientrequestJoyee Cheung
2018-11-20benchmark: pre-generate data set for URL benchmarksJoyee Cheung
2018-11-11build: use BUILDTYPE in bench-addons-build targetsDaniel Bevenius
2018-11-11test: fix v8 Set/Get compiler warningsDaniel Bevenius
2018-11-09benchmark: support more options in startup benchmarkJoyee Cheung
2018-11-08benchmark: add dir and withFileTypes option readdir benchmarksJoyee Cheung
2018-11-06benchmark: remove unused catch bindingscjihrig
2018-11-03http2: improve http2 code a bitJames M Snell
2018-10-29test: add test-benchmark-http2Rich Trott
2018-10-28src: improve StreamBase write throughputAnna Henningsen
2018-10-28benchmark: fix bench-mkdirp to use recursive optionKlaus Meinhardt
2018-10-24test: add test-benchmark-napiEmily Marigold Klassen
2018-10-24src: improve StreamBase read throughputAnna Henningsen
2018-10-19benchmark: coerce PORT to numberAli Ijaz Sheikh
2018-10-17timers: run nextTicks after each immediate and timerAnatoli Papirovski
2018-10-14benchmark: add common.binding()cjihrig
2018-10-10async_hooks: add missing async_hooks destroys in AsyncResetBastian Krol
2018-10-09benchmark,doc,lib,src,test,tools: fix typosBrandon Smith
2018-10-07benchmark: increase lint complianceRich Trott
2018-09-07benchmark: refactor util benchmarksRuben Bridgewater
2018-09-05util: make util binding internalcjihrig
2018-09-02benchmark: add lines to scatter plotsDenys Otrishko
2018-08-29src: use String::Utf8Length with isolateMichaël Zasso
2018-08-29src: use String::Write{OneByte,Utf8} with isolateMichaël Zasso
2018-08-19stream: move process.binding('stream_wrap') to internalBindingJames M Snell
2018-08-18http: move process.binding('http_parser') to internalBindingJames M Snell
2018-08-13benchmark: improve assert benchmarksRuben Bridgewater
2018-08-11fs: implement mkdir recursive (mkdirp)Benjamin Coe
2018-08-10src: remove old process.binding('trace_events').emitJames M Snell
2018-08-09trace_events: move trace_events to internalBindingJames M Snell
2018-08-02test: remove unused configBenjamin Gruenbaum
2018-07-27lib: remove usc-2 encodingBrian White
2018-07-22trace_events: add support for builtin traceJames M Snell
2018-07-18benchmark: remove arrays benchmarkPeter Marshall
2018-07-12tools: add no-duplicate-requires ruleGus Caplan