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2019-02-08perf_hooks: implement histogram based apiJames M Snell
2019-01-05deps,tools: update and LICENSEHackzzila
2018-12-30doc: include license for src/large_pages in LICENSEUjjwal Sharma
2018-12-08doc: update LICENSE fileAnna Henningsen
2018-11-10deps: introduce `llhttp`Fedor Indutny
2018-09-11tools: use lint-md.jsRefael Ackermann
2018-08-26deps: import acorn@5.7.2Sam Ruby
2018-08-10inspector: add inspector_protocol as a direct dependencyAndrey Lushnikov
2018-07-26tools: remove obsolete entries from licenseRich Trott
2018-07-20tools: create HTML docs with unified/remark/rehypeSam Ruby
2018-06-24doc: update LICENSE fileRich Trott
2018-04-02deps: ICU 61.1 bumpSteven R. Loomis
2018-01-11tools: add babel-eslintMichaël Zasso
2018-01-11tools: move eslint from tools to tools/node_modulesMichaël Zasso
2017-11-16deps: import acorn@5.2.1Timothy Gu
2017-11-09deps: ICU 60 bumpSteven R. Loomis
2017-11-03doc: update license to include node-inspectMyles Borins
2017-10-31doc: add license information for remark-cliMyles Borins
2017-10-02deps: update license-builder & LICENSE for c-aresRod Vagg
2017-09-29doc: update libuv licenseTimothy Gu
2017-08-14deps,tools: add missing nghttp2 licenseAnna Henningsen
2017-05-09deps: ICU 59.1 bumpSteven R. Loomis
2017-02-22deps: switch to v8_inspector in V8Ali Ijaz Sheikh
2017-02-11test: remove dependency on node-weakBen Noordhuis
2016-10-31deps: Intl: ICU 58 bump: configure/LICENSE/docsSteven R. Loomis
2016-07-27doc: update licensesAli Ijaz Sheikh
2016-06-03doc: update licensesMyles Borins
2016-04-18tools: fix again for ICUSteven R. Loomis
2016-04-07doc: update openssl LICENSE using license-builder.shSteven R. Loomis
2016-02-01doc: update npm LICENSE using license-builder.shRebecca Turner
2016-01-20doc: restore ICU third-party software licensesRichard Lau
2016-01-14doc: rebuild LICENSE using tools/license-builder.shRod Vagg
2015-10-06tools: remove unused gflags moduleBen Noordhuis
2015-09-23doc: switch LICENSE from closure-linter to eslintP.S.V.R
2015-08-23node: rename from io.js to nodecjihrig
2015-08-13build: intl: converge from joyent/nodeSteven R. Loomis
2015-03-04build: remove tools/wrk from the treeJohan Bergström
2015-01-16doc: add python-gflags LICENSE blockShigeki Ohtsu
2015-01-15doc: fix formatting in LICENSE for RTF generationRod Vagg
2015-01-14doc: add io.js LICENSE blockRod Vagg
2015-01-08doc: update the zlib license after upgradingShigeki Ohtsu
2013-08-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/v0.10'Timothy J Fontaine
2013-08-05doc: Update LICENSE for npm's Artistic 2.0isaacs
2013-06-04src: replace ngx-queue.h with queue.hBen Noordhuis
2013-03-08doc: Add wrk's license to LICENSE fileisaacs
2013-01-16buffer: floating point read/write improvementsTrevor Norris
2012-11-16deps: upgrade libuv to 665a316Ben Noordhuis
2012-10-07Update LICENSE file.Ben Noordhuis
2012-06-28Revert "tools: update closure_linter to the latest(2.3.5)"Ben Noordhuis
2012-06-28LICENSE: update Closure Linter to Apache 2.0Shigeki Ohtsu