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2018-12-04doc: add a note on usage scope of AliasedBufferGireesh Punathil
2018-10-25doc: document nullptr comparisons in style guideAnna Henningsen
2018-10-21doc: formalize non-const reference usage in C++ style guideAnna Henningsen
2018-10-16doc: cleanup and references in C++ guideRefael Ackermann
2018-10-13doc,meta: add references to outside C++ guidesRefael Ackermann
2018-09-30doc: formalize `auto` usage in C++ style guideAnna Henningsen
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2018-05-06doc: add snake_case section for C-like structsDaniel Bevenius
2018-03-10doc: update internal errors documentationMichaƫl Zasso
2018-01-17doc: suggest not to throw JS errors from C++Joyee Cheung
2017-12-15doc: add C++ style comments to the style guideMatheus Marchini
2017-12-05doc: add serial comma in CPP_STYLE_GUIDE.mdRich Trott
2017-12-03doc: introduce categories to Cpp style guideFranziska Hinkelmann
2017-12-01doc: add missing serial commasRich Trott
2017-11-17doc: mention smart pointers in Cpp style guideFranziska Hinkelmann
2017-11-16doc: add Table of Contents to Cpp style guideFranziska Hinkelmann
2017-10-30doc: add *-inl.h include rule to C++ style guideJoyee Cheung
2017-10-14doc: add basic C++ style guideAnna Henningsen