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2019-02-13doc: edit N-API introductory material in Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2019-02-08doc: revise Introducing New ModulesRich Trott
2019-02-06doc: revise Collaborator Guide on revertingRich Trott
2019-02-04doc: improve doc on unintended breaking changesRich Trott
2019-02-01doc: remove redundant LTS/Current information in Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2019-01-30doc: remove outdated COLLABORATOR_GUIDE sentence about breaking changesRich Trott
2019-01-28doc: revise breaking changes material in COLLABORATOR_GUIDERich Trott
2018-12-26doc: revise "Breaking Changes to Internal Elements"Rich Trott
2018-12-21doc: revise "Breaking Changes and Deprecations"Rich Trott
2018-12-17doc: revise "Breaking Changes" section of Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2018-12-13doc: revise internal vs. public API in Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2018-12-11doc: update Useful CI Jobs section of Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2018-12-09doc: simplify author readyRuben Bridgewater
2018-12-08doc: update "Testing and CI" in Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2018-12-06doc: revise Waiting for Approvals documentationRich Trott
2018-12-04doc: use author's titles for linked resourcesRich Trott
2018-12-04doc: revise code review guidelinesRich Trott
2018-12-03doc: streamline Accepting Modifications in Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2018-11-27doc: revise accepting-modifications in guideRich Trott
2018-11-25doc: revise handling-own-pull-requests textRich Trott
2018-11-22doc: clarify who may land on an LTS staging branchMyles Borins
2018-11-21doc: revise `author ready` explanationRich Trott
2018-11-21doc: edit on closing issuesRich Trott
2018-11-17doc: simplify first-time contributors section of Collaborator GuideRich Trott
2018-11-15doc: update collaborator guide with LTS labelsCharalampos Fanoulis
2018-11-13doc: clarify issues and pull requests guidanceRich Trott
2018-11-02doc: revise COLLABORATOR_GUIDE.mdRich Trott
2018-11-01doc: improve COLLABORATOR_GUIDEJagannath Bhat
2018-10-19meta: clarify fast-track approvalJames M Snell
2018-10-13doc,meta: assign PR semanticsRefael Ackermann
2018-10-13doc,meta: refresh wording in colab guideRefael Ackermann
2018-10-11doc: rewrite consensus seeking in guideRich Trott
2018-10-07doc: update author-ready label termsVse Mozhet Byt
2018-10-06doc: shorten pull request wait time to 48 hoursRich Trott
2018-10-04doc: leave pull requests open for 72 hoursRich Trott
2018-10-03doc: clarify assigning issues to the TSCFranziska Hinkelmann
2018-10-02doc: remove recommendation to use node-epsRichard Lau
2018-09-26doc: update guide for assert teamRich Trott
2018-09-26doc: edit fast-tracking sectioncjihrig
2018-09-26doc: improve instruction to purple mergeRefael Ackermann
2018-09-24doc: require two approvals to land changesRich Trott
2018-09-21doc: specify fast-trackingRuben Bridgewater
2018-09-13doc: add reference to guide for N-API additionsMichael Dawson
2018-08-26doc: add GitHub email set up link to COLLABORATOR_GUIDEDenys Otrishko
2018-07-26doc: replace deprecated CI jobVse Mozhet Byt
2018-07-24doc: add node-test-commit-custom-suites to docsRich Trott
2018-07-18doc: make minor improvements to collab guideRich Trott
2018-07-05doc: improve guide text for CI runsRich Trott
2018-06-17doc: use imperative in COLLABORATOR_GUIDERich Trott
2018-06-14doc: make Deprecation cycle explanation more briefRich Trott