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2019-02-06meta: clarify EoL platform supportJoão Reis
2019-01-31build: update prerequisites on progress towards Python 3cclauss
2019-01-22doc: running coverage for individual suitesBenjamin Coe
2019-01-22doc: fix assembler requirement for OpenSSL-1.1.1Shigeki Ohtsu
2019-01-20test: switch to native v8 coverageBenjamin Coe
2018-11-16doc: add help on fixing IPv6 test failuresMichael Dawson
2018-11-10doc: edit BUILDING.mdRich Trott
2018-11-01doc: improve BUILDING.mdJagannath Bhat
2018-10-31doc: revise BUILDING.mdRich Trott
2018-10-30doc: moved test instructions to BUILDING.mdKamat, Trivikram
2018-10-29doc: add note about ABI compatibilityMyles Borins
2018-10-23doc: document and warn if the ICU version is too oldSteven R. Loomis
2018-10-20doc: fix index in table of contents in BUILDING.mdZYSzys
2018-10-15doc: add info how to run single tests to BUILDING.mdFelix Schlenkrich
2018-10-14doc: edit BUILDING.mdRich Trott
2018-10-08doc: edit building-node textRich Trott
2018-09-29doc: add table of contents in BUILDING.mdZYSzys
2018-09-04build: stop supporting FreeBSD 10Michaël Zasso
2018-08-31doc: add section on how to build debug buildTroels Liebe Bentsen
2018-08-24doc: tweak macOS-firewall note positionZYSzys
2018-08-16doc: Windows building supported on x64Refael Ackermann
2018-08-01doc: correct grammatical error in BUILDING.mdBrandon Lee
2018-07-24build: increase macOS minimum supported versionMichaël Zasso
2018-07-13doc: add OS X to instead of only macOSXadillaX
2018-06-18doc: remove obsolete wiki references from BUILDINGRich Trott
2018-05-18doc: describe using multiple link-module on winBartosz Sosnowski
2018-05-10tools: use macOS as operating system nameRich Trott
2018-04-23build: limit assembler version check on x86Shigeki Ohtsu
2018-04-19doc: fix inconsistency in documentation for buildingSpencer Greene
2018-04-19doc: update required compiler level for AIXMichael Dawson
2018-04-16build: remove implied support for win 2012 not R2Beth Griggs
2018-04-14doc: improved flow for macOS firewall scriptJoseph Gordon
2018-04-12build, win: opt-in openssl_no_asm if no nasm foundShigeki Ohtsu
2018-04-10build, tools, win: add nasm detection for OpenSSLJoão Reis
2018-04-10build: add OpenSSL-1.1.0 supportShigeki Ohtsu
2018-03-25doc: document `make docopen`Ayush Gupta
2018-03-09build: update arm64 minimum supported platformGibson Fahnestock
2018-02-23doc: add new documentation lint ruleestrada9166
2018-01-18doc: add builtin module in building.mdSuixinlei
2018-01-18doc: warn users about non-ASCII paths on buildMatheus Marchini
2018-01-12doc: prefer make test-only when verifying the buildJoyee Cheung
2018-01-09doc: multiple updates to BUILDING.mdRich Trott
2017-12-10doc: simplify and clarify FIPS text in BUILDING.mdRich Trott
2017-11-30tools: add Boxstarter scriptBartosz Sosnowski
2017-11-28build,win,msi: support WiX with VS2017João Reis
2017-11-17doc,win: clarify WSL supportJoão Reis
2017-11-13meta: 32 bit linux is experimentalRefael Ackermann
2017-11-12doc: drop support for VS2015Nikolai Vavilov
2017-11-11doc: clarify the prerequisites for building with VS2017Nikolai Vavilov
2017-10-12doc: document windows shell supportTim Ermilov