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doc,benchmark: move benchmark guide to benchmark directory
The doc/guides directory looks like a place for guides to using Node.js but it's actually where we store development/internal documentation. Move the benchmark guide to the benchmark directory where someone (who doesn't know that bit of somewhat-surprising information) is more likely to find it. PR-URL: Reviewed-By: Luigi Pinca <> Reviewed-By: Trivikram Kamat <>
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ of different Node.js implementations and different ways of
writing JavaScript run by the built-in JavaScript engine.
For a detailed guide on how to write and run benchmarks in this
-directory, see [the guide on benchmarks](../doc/guides/
+directory, see [the guide on benchmarks](
## Table of Contents
@@ -76,17 +76,17 @@ writing benchmarks.
### createBenchmark(fn, configs\[, options\])
-See [the guide on writing benchmarks](../doc/guides/
+See [the guide on writing benchmarks](
### default\_http\_benchmarker
The default benchmarker used to run HTTP benchmarks.
-See [the guide on writing HTTP benchmarks](../doc/guides/
+See [the guide on writing HTTP benchmarks](
### PORT
The default port used to run HTTP benchmarks.
-See [the guide on writing HTTP benchmarks](../doc/guides/
+See [the guide on writing HTTP benchmarks](
### sendResult(data)
diff --git a/benchmark/_http-benchmarkers.js b/benchmark/_http-benchmarkers.js
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--- a/benchmark/_http-benchmarkers.js
+++ b/benchmark/_http-benchmarkers.js
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ const path = require('path');
const fs = require('fs');
const requirementsURL =
- '';
+ '';
// The port used by servers and wrk
exports.PORT = Number(process.env.PORT) || 12346;
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@@ -585,7 +585,7 @@ If you want to know more about the code review and the landing process, see the
[Collaborator Guide][].
[approved]: #getting-approvals-for-your-pull-request
-[benchmark results]: ../
+[benchmark results]: ../../../benchmark/
[Building guide]: ../../../
[CI (Continuous Integration) test run]: #ci-testing
[Code of Conduct]: