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+ Name
+ ====
+ **anastasis.conf** - Anastasis configuration file
+The configuration file is line-oriented.
+Blank lines and whitespace at the beginning and end of a line are ignored.
+Comments start with ``#`` or ``%`` in the first column
+(after any beginning-of-line whitespace) and go to the end of the line.
+The file is split into sections.
+Every section begins with “[SECTIONNAME]” and
+contains a number of options of the form “OPTION=VALUE”.
+There may be whitespace around the ``=`` (equal sign).
+Section names and options are *case-insensitive*.
+The values, however, are *case-sensitive*.
+In particular, boolean values are one of ``YES`` or ``NO``.
+Values can include whitespace by surrounding
+the entire value with ``"`` (double quote).
+Note, however, that there are no escape characters in such strings;
+all characters between the double quotes (including other double quotes)
+are taken verbatim.
+Values that represent filenames can begin with a ``/bin/sh``-like
+variable reference.
+This can be simple, such as ``$TMPDIR/foo``, or complex,
+such as ``${TMPDIR:-${TMP:-/tmp}}/foo``.
+See ``[PATHS]`` (below).
+Values that represent a time duration are represented as a series of one or
+more ``NUMBER UNIT`` pairs, e.g. ``60 s``, ``4 weeks 1 day``, ``5 years 2 minutes``.
+Values that represent an amount are in the usual amount syntax:
+``CURRENCY:VALUE.FRACTION``, e.g. ``EUR:1.50``.
+The ``FRACTION`` portion may extend up to 8 places.
+Files containing default values for many of the options described below
+are installed under ``$ANASTASIS_PREFIX/share/taler/config.d/``.
+The configuration file given with **-c** to Anastasis binaries
+overrides these defaults.
+A configuration file may include another, by using the ``@INLINE@`` directive,
+for example, in ``main.conf``, you could write ``@INLINE@ sub.conf`` to
+include the entirety of ``sub.conf`` at that point in ``main.conf``.
+.. TODO: Document ‘anastasis-config -V’ in light of ‘@INLINE@’ in taler-config(1).
+The following options are from the ``[anastasis]`` section and used by
+the **anastasis-httpd** service.
+ Base-URL of the Taler merchant backend instance to use for payments.
+ FIXME: How do we pass the access token?
+ Annual fee to be paid for policy uploads, i.e. "EUR:1.5".
+ Annual fee to be paid for truth uploads, i.e. "EUR:1.5".
+ Database backend to use, only ``postgres`` is supported right now.
+ Maximum upload size for policy uploads in megabytes. Default is 1.
+ Maximum number of policies uploaded per year of service. Default is 42.
+ Name of the business.
+ Must be set to a high-entropy random server salt that the provider must never
+ change after the initial configuration.
+ TCP port on which the HTTP service should listen on.
+Authorization options
+For each active authorization plugin, options must be configured in
+a section called ``[authorization-$PLUGIN]`` where ``$PLUGIN`` is
+the name of the authorization plugin.
+ Fee the user has to pay to obtain a challenge from this
+ authorization plugin during recovery.
+ ``yes`` to enable this plugin, ``no`` to disable.
+ Helper command to run (only relevant for some plugins).
+Postgres database configuration
+The following options must be in the section ``[statis-postgres]`` if
+``postgres`` was used for the database under ``DB`` in the
+``[anastasis]`` section.
+ Path under which the Postgres database is that the service
+ should use, i.e. ``postgres://anastasis``.
+anastasis-httpd(1), anastasis-config(1)
+Report bugs by using or by sending electronic
+mail to <>.