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+The following steps assume at least the GNUnet, gnunet-gtk and Anastasis
+dependencies are installed.
+First, unpack the anastasis-gtk tarball and change into the resulting
+directory. Then, use the following commands to build and install
+.. code-block:: console
+ $ ./configure [--prefix=PFX] \
+ [--with-gnunet=GNUNETPFX] \
+ [--with-exchange=EXCHANGEPFX] \
+ [--with-anastasis=ANASTASISPFX]
+ $ # Each dependency can be fetched from non standard locations via
+ $ # the '--with-<LIBNAME>' option. See './configure --help'.
+ $ make
+ # make install
+If you did not specify a prefix, anastasis-gtk will be installed to
+``/usr/local``, which requires you to run the last step as ``root``.
+You have to specify ``-with-anastasis=/usr/local``, ``--with-exchange=/usr/local`` and/or
+``--with-gnunet=/usr/local`` if you installed the exchange and/or
+GNUnet to ``/usr/local`` in the previous steps.
+Depending on the prefixes you specified for the installation and the
+distribution you are using, you may have to edit ``/etc/``, adding
+lines for ``GNUNETPFX/lib/`` and ``EXCHANGEPFX/lib/`` and ``PFX/lib/``
+(replace the prefixes with the actual paths you used). Afterwards, you should
+run ``ldconfig``. Without this step, it is possible that the linker may not
+find the installed libraries and launching anastasis-gtk would then fail.