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+<!DOCTYPE html>
+ <title>Read Me File for Adobe® OpenType® Fonts</title>
+ <meta charset="utf-8" />
+<body bgcolor="white" link="#ce0000" alink="#ce0000" vlink="#9c6363">
+ <h2><font color="#333333"
+face="verdana,geneva,arial">Adobe&reg; OpenType&reg; Fonts</font></h2>
+ <p><font size="2" face="verdana,geneva,arial">Thank
+you for licensing Adobe OpenType fonts. In order to ensure that you
+have the most up-to-date product information, Adobe has posted <a
+href="">an OpenType
+Read Me file</a> on the Adobe web site that contains information such
+as minimum system requirements, technical support contact information
+and software installation notes. We have also posted <a
+href="">an OpenType
+User's Guide</a> in PDF format on the Adobe web site that can be
+viewed online and downloaded to your computer. <P>If you have
+licensed an Adobe OpenType Pro font, there may be additional PDF
+documents, such as a specimen book, a glyph complement showing, and a
+typeface-specific Read Me file, available on the typeface&#146;s
+product pages on the Adobe web site. These additional files may be
+viewed online or downloaded to your computer.<P>To get you started
+quickly, below are links to localized installation instructions for
+your fonts.
+<h4>Installation Instructions</h4><hr>
+<p lang=en><b>English</b><br>
+Instructions for installing this font can be found online at <a
+<p lang=fr><b>French / Fran&#231;ais</b><br>
+Le mode d'installation de cette police de caract&#232;re se trouve en
+ligne &#224; <a
+<p lang=de><b>German / Deutsch</b><br>
+Die Anweisungen zur Installation dieser Schriftart finden Sie online
+unter <a
+<p lang=it><b>Italian / Italiano</b><br>
+Le istruzioni per l'installazione di questo font sono disponibili
+online all'indirizzo <a
+<p lang=es><b>Spanish / Espa&#241;ol</b><br>
+Las instrucciones para instalar esta fuente se pueden encontrar
+online en <a
+<p lang=nl><b>Dutch / Hollands</b><br>
+De instructies voor de installatie van dit lettertype vindt u op <a
+<p><b>Swedish / Svenska</b><br>
+Anvisningar f&#246;r hur det h&#228;r teckensnittet installeras finns
+online p&#229; <a
+<p><b>Norwegian / Norsk</b><br>
+Instruksjoner for installering av skrifttypen finnes online p&#229;
+<p><b>Finnish / Suomi</b><br>
+Ohjeet t&#228;m&#228;n fontin asentamiseen l&#246;ytyv&#228;t
+osoitteesta <a
+<p><b>Danish / Dansk</b><br>
+Du finder en vejledning i installation af denne skrifttype online
+p&#229; adressen <a
+<p lang=ja><b>Japanese / 日本語</b><br>
+このフォントをインストールする手順は、オンラインで <a